Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yep, its that bad

After some crosstalk with fellow members of the commentariat at Calculated Risk, one remark was "Are you sure? It can't be that bad!"

So I made a clean download of the data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Table 2.1 (FD: well, I took all the Section 2 tables because I could). From Line 1, Personal Income I subtracted Line 17, Government Social Benefits to Persons. I then Q1 from the first year of the series from Q1 of the second year of the series and then copy/pasted to the end of the data...producing the graph above (with at least the y-axis labeled, another hat tip to RATM).

Yes, it's that bad.


Edit: after some discussions regarding normalization, here is the (YoY change in personal income - govt benefit payments)/(personal income - govt benefit payments)


Galen said...

Is the x axis in yahren?

energyecon said...

if yahren means quarters, yes! ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

Tell me you look at the natgas in storage by sector and that the East is full.

energyecon said...


You could be right - looking at the EIA storage report, the East is only up 2.8% over last year - bet is damn near full and was last year, too.

Rob Dawg said...

Did you see my blog post about California road diesel down 11.2% y-o-y? That's going to echo through the home heating oil sector.