Monday, August 24, 2009

Deficit as a % of Spending

A couple of critiques I received to the eye popping deficit plot I posted related to the nominal nature of the dollar values and the % of GDP etc. After some thought, there seemed to be some merit to the normalization over time argument, thought I think the % of expdenditures by the government is more meaningful than the GDP argument...for your viewing "pleasure".


frana said...

re bls data question on hoocoodanode: did you try ?
I've always gotten my downloads thru ftp: there's a link on this page. You can also check other methods there that are less primitive.

Picosec said...

Awesome scary, dude!

Kinda looks like the expense/borrow ratio of someone who lost their job about a year ago and was depending on credit cards. It's easier to borrow at 4% vs 16%, but just like the 16% can go to 30% at the lender's whim, so the 4% go to 6% or 8% if the community of lenders so chooses.