Friday, May 1, 2009

Laboratory Confirmed A/H1N1 Cases - Update

Daily update, added some data sources beyond WHO as the update cycles are now hopelessly out of sync...huge spike in Mexico confirmed cases is likley a function of clearing out a testing backlog.

If you want to go directly to the data sources:


Wisdom Speaker said...

Here's a paper from the National Academy of Sciences (dopes?) which predicts number of cases (real, not lab tested) as a function of time for various scenarios, including predicted effects of various mitigation strategies including school closings and others that we are seeing put into practice. (Click on the link at the side to get the full text (PDF option), which includes some nice tables and graphs. If you can't access this without payment, let me know...)

energyecon said...

Thanks for the reference, that is an interesting read - which engenders the question, what is the estimated R naught for A/H1N1?

Sheldon said...

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