Monday, November 21, 2011

DOT Miles Driven: Overlay 2007-2011

Things that make me go hmmm... I tend to take that view that the economy is a heat engine, this looks like less heat to me... along with this:

IEA Oil Market Report US Motor Gasoline Demand

Here is the data source, go to September 2011 and click on the .xls version - you will find it on the Data tab in column I - enjoy!
US DOT Data Source


deaner said...

Do you have the source data, or a link to it?

energyecon said...

Link added to post for data source

Scott said...

Could be a demographic element to the 2011 decline as mortality for people 50-70 is higher than for 30-49 cohort, so some drivers are leaving the pool permanently.

Scott said...

Also, the youngest baby boomers are 47 so the boomer group as a whole will be a drag on the miles driven metric for quite a while.

energyecon said...


Demographic drop at the same pace as the 2008 cliff dive?