Saturday, November 15, 2008

The World's Biggest ARM - Marketable US Treasury Debt I was reading and commenting on my favorite blog, Calculated Risk and the issue of the maturity of the US debt came up. Hat tip to EvilHenryPaulson (raised the issue) and Plantagenet (for the link to the granular data) - here is the data before we roll in the longer term debt.
Res ipsa loquitur...
(Hat tip to PeakVT from the CR community for pointing out this is the publicly traded debt, in the Marketable category in the Treasury reports).


Barnacle Bill said...

wow. so treasury needs to roll close to $700B this year (Q2, Q3, and Q4) on top of the $1.5B in bailout dough deficit budget spending already planned. and bernanke is going to bid for $300b of it (to start, i bet it doubles by the end of June but what the hell do i know). and the chinese may at this very moment (this very moment!) have their finger firmly affixed to the 'sell US Treasury position' right now. hmmmm. seems like a lotta supply to deal with, no wonder bernanke started the great QE 'early'.

p.s. nothing like trolling old blog posts and then commenting on them.

Barnacle Bill said...

holy shit, i just saw your updated version of this blessed chart. the number is closer to $1.25T, according to your data (to be rolled Q2, Q3, and Q4)!!! Holy shit. Great chart, thanks for the post.